Estover Energy response to new DECC biomass calculator

Estover welcomes the report and calculator, which will specifically endorse the type of supply chain that we have spent the last five years developing.

As the Chief Scientist makes clear the report will be used to distinguish, in carbon saving terms, between good and bad biomass supply chains.

Biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants produce the highest carbon savings of all biomass energy technologies. This technology is a key part of the UK's low carbon energy strategy and vital for decarbonising energy-intensive manufacturing industries.

Estover's CHP plants will have full Chain of Custody information to demonstrate that all feedstocks are sourced from forests which are:

- Commercial plantation forests within an average of 50 miles from their local plant

- Sustainably managed to the UK Forestry Standard and licensed by the Forestry Commission

- Managed to produce a mix of timber products. This is primarily high quality timber for construction and furniture alongside low-grade arisings and residues for energy generation 

DECC have strict sustainability criteria which generators will be obliged to meet if they are to receive government support for biomass energy generation.

Our lenders and equity investors have placed further requirements on our supply chains which means that we will use this tool to develop and refine our supply chains and ensure that our plants far exceed DECC's sustainability standards.

Alex FryComment